We believe in technology that identifies the roots of disease and allows regeneration

In 2003, we built a technology team that worked alongside the staff to develop computer software that “thinks” like a team of physicians from all specialties. After 2 years of development and refinement, the logic behind our Eva™  system was launched into practice. Since then we have adapted the basic algorithm into a comprehensive health management system to allow our patients access to their entire health experience. Laboratory studies, doctor’s notes, and everything related to our practice can be accessed through our customized program.

The Eva™ system is built around a healing algorithm that uses symptom reports as markers that direct investigation into root issues. Instead of using complaints as a way to decide which medication or treatment to use, the system reads each symptom (complaint) as a signpost to each individual’s healing path. Laboratory work is also imported by an electronic link to further refine the “Hot Spot” score. Body systems are precisely addressed to create increased resilience to disease and enhanced healing. LifeClick is not just a questionnaire but an interpretive personal health record. LifeClick uses artificial intelligence to come up with solutions to problems that are often too complex or time-consuming to be recognized otherwise.

Nutritional supplementation has also undergone massive changes recently with more thorough extraction processes and improved delivery systems like ‘liposomal” compounds that protect nutrients from stomach acid and allow very high levels of absorption. Staying up-to-date with leaders in the scientific community makes our supplements a brilliant choice for optimal response. Intravenous nutritional support is a powerful tool that rounds out our support options.

Acupuncture and Osteopathic treatment are the foundation of our sports wellness technology. Our patients are active people that need excellent support to recover from sports injuries that are usually a part of their program.  Using the latest developments in medical acupuncture we can address energy problems and with Osteopathic principles we can enhance diagnosis and treatment outcomes. Improving stubborn problems with structure and function often requires a more intensive approach. For damaged ligaments, tendons, and joints we offer the latest ultrasound-guided injection techniques using platelet-rich plasma and adipose-derived stem cell therapy. We only use cells and tissues from the patient’s own body to eliminate the risk of rejection and to uphold our ethical standards.