Regeneration and healing absolutely depend on good nutrition and activity.  We build a plan based on each person’s preferences for what kind of food they like best.  After we have identified which foods appeal to the patient we build each patient’s program around that.  Crunchy, salty and sweet are all important parts of good food choices (Most people think about food groups. We think – what will people really eat?).  Without scolding or lecturing we help each of our patient’s find a way that food can be a fun and effective tool for regeneration.  Some of the specific testing that we do to evaluate which foods are best for each patient include:

  • Food sensitivity/allergy testing
  • SpectraCell intracellular vitamin, mineral and nutrient balance
  • Celiac sensitivity and disease testing
  • Comprehensive stool analysis to evaluate digestion and absorption

Each of these evaluations helps clarify each patient’s story.  Still, the patient’s story is the most effective and valuable piece of information that we will ever get.  Using our high-technology interface with Eva™ we can cut to the chase and get powerful results in a short period of time. Our expert clinical staff spends one-on-one time developing a plan and exploring what might be standing in the way of making good choices.  We call our process “foundation engineering” because we want to build a good base for all the other treatments that we do so that each patient’s chance of success is dramatically improved.

Physical activity and stress reduction go hand in hand.  Each program is focused on significant stress reduction including a physical activity program with interval training 3-4 times every week – at the very minimum.  Many of our clients arrive with a well-developed program already in place.  In that case, we remain focused primarily on healthy eating, supplementation, and stress reduction.

Good quality food selection and coaching is often not enough to produce optimal results for complete regeneration.  Supplementing foods with targeted nutrients to address deficiency or to accelerate sluggish metabolic pathways can often make up for these limitations. We use natural compounds sourced from all over the world that are well-known for their high quality and consistency.  As often as we possibly can, we will use natural supplements and exercise in lieu of medications to create benefit with circulation, disease prevention and overall wellness.  We find that nearly everyone prefers a natural approach that prevents disease and improves wellness instead of drugs and surgery.