Dr. J has been licensed in Texas since 1986 and actively practicing as an academic physician, emergency medicine staff physician and integrative and functional medicine specialist.  He’s board-certified in family medicine as well as osteopathic neuromusculoskeletal medicine and brings the scope and context of both specialties into play as he practices what we have called “exceptional medicine.”  When we say we believe in good medicine we’re simply saying that the patient comes first.  As the patient continues to improve, better health and increased wellness make the disease process less and less significant.  Instead of managing symptoms and diseases we use sophisticated laboratory evaluations and treatments to create better health. Many people call this “wellness.”  By working with specialists who are the very best in their field we can extend the wellness model into excellent care when the manifestations of disease require expertise and a narrowed focus that results in the resolution of illness.  If complete regeneration can’t be achieved then we believe that excellent management of all symptoms and systems is still possible.


We believe in good medicine on a very foundational level.  Maintaining excellent hydration and nutrition and exercise are the very basics.  Good medicine includes managing physiology to maintain healthy biomarkers sometimes referred to as antiaging, restorative or regenerative medicine.  We believe that the body can regenerate itself by its intrinsic nature.  We believe that there are 2 primary problems with complete regeneration. The body lacks certain things that need to be replaced or an obstacle to healing needs to be removed.  We achieve these health goals in many different ways.  Some of the most common methods that we employ include:


  • Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy for men and women
  • Thyroid, adrenal and pituitary support with bioidentical and other similar products
  • Natural blood sugar balancing to impact diabetes, obesity and their associated risks.
  • Sleep support, anxiety and depression management through natural methods
  • Infectious disease management with intravenous nutrition and other novel methods
  • Sexual function enhancement with hormonal, nutritional and stress management methods
  • Digestion and elimination optimization with nutrition, detoxification and precise eating plans
  • Immune system enhancement to improve resistance to disease
  • PRP and Adipose-derived Stem Cell injection for sports and aesthetic benefits