The benefit of LifeClick™ and a strong relationship with your doctor.

Last week we received notification from a drug monitoring organization that notified us that a blood pressure medicine had a contaminant that could potentially cause cancer.  Many patients throughout the United States and the world take this blood pressure medicine and a recall on this specific type has been instituted worldwide.  Because we built the system that captures all the data in every patient interaction on every level, we were able to find the one patient out of our 2000 patients that takes this medication.


LifeClick is our custom solution to provide our patients with constant access to their entire health record all other laboratory studies and every step we take to help him reach their optimal health.  We easily reached out to the one patient are in our entire practice and informed him that he needed to check to make sure that his prescription was not part of the contaminated batch.  This all happened within several minutes and I think it’s terribly exciting that even though we do have to deal with some extra work to make technology integrated into our practice, patients are cared for in a way that is better than has ever been available in the history of the world.

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