Learning With PRP

Last week I had the opportunity to study and to treat patient’s with Dr. Randy Moore from Cincinnati using PRP. There are times that I feel like a very accomplished physician and I know exactly what I’m doing.  It is extremely humbling to be shown so many things that you don’t know all within a few minutes time.  The beauty and complexity of anatomy is an almost inexhaustible resource for learning. God knew exactly what he was doing when he made us precisely as he intended.

We have created a very unique and sophisticated sports medicine and pain treatment protocol using PRP through adipose tissue (fat – yuck!!!) from hips, thighs and flanks to address nagging and potentially surgical problems with joints, ligaments and tendons. We have had the great privilege of working with Dr. Robert Alexander as well as Dr. Randy Moore in the world of regenerative medicine at the highest levels of academic study and practical application.  Dr. Moore has graciously agreed to be a part of our practice on a regular basis for patients who have complicated and difficult problems that are otherwise unable to be addressed through standard orthopedic care.  If you are struggling with any kind of chronic pain or other issues and don’t want to take medication please let us participate in your improvement.



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